The missing reverse light was something I felt was necessary on the V.  Every three wheel motorcycle I've ever had always had a reverse light to indicate when backing up.  When we disassembled and checked the factory harness we noticed a small votage in the line and when activated you had full access to a reverse wire but no reverse light that came on the V.  We looked to see where we can mount one that would compliment the rear and blend in.  The perfect spot was the rear cover just in front of the tire, mounted high.  Triggered when you put the shifter into reverse automatically.  A quick disconnect is made on the light so if you had to remove the paneling it would be easy to remove.  Discreet smoked black tube is barely seen when it is not on which gives it a nice clean look.


Our products are unique. We design, test, manufacture and use every product we develop on our own personal bikes.  We never "experiment" on customers rides or offer products that we do not own and drive.  We work, disassemble,  study its wiring diagram, analyze load, voltage and functions to ensure every process is correct before production and offering.


So what does this mean to you?  It means when you call to ask a technical question, we can answer them.  We love what we do and take extreme pride in "doing it right".  

Vanderhall reverse light

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