When we looked into doing something for the front of our personal Vanderhall Venice, we knew what we designed had to flow with the beautiful lines of the bike.  We also knew we could not use off the shelf items like the others out there.  This had to be a custom kit designed for a Vanderhall.


We developed a dual color DRL that flows with the lines from front to back, while also giving you forward and side-facing visibilty while driving.  Our famous smoked-tube DRL is hardly noticable when the lights are OFF and there is no unsightly LED chips and circuits to look at.  (Even with our extremely high LED density).


The top LED strip is slightly longer than the bottom to accommodate the length of the body work perfectly.

We use a special splitter that joins the 2 LED strips together on each side and a quick connect to our dual color module.  


What makes this DRL special is that while driving, the DRL LED strip is white and when the turn signal is activated the white color seamlessly morphs into a yellow turn signal which flashes with the rest of the signals on the bike.  Our main goal was to maximize visibility while driving with a DRL and noticable to other motorist when signaling to turn with a yellow color indicator.


The top LED sits right in the crevice where the front hood comes down, the LED is discreet but visible when on while the bottom faces outwards on the lower body paneling.  As shown in the pictures above the LED is hardly noticeable when off as to not distract from the beautiful lines of the bike.


Our products are unique. We design, test, manufacture and use every product we develop on our own personal bikes.  We never "experiment" on customers rides or offer products that we do not own and drive.  We work, disassemble,  study its wiring diagram, analyze load, voltage and functions to ensure every process is correct before production and offering.


So what does this mean to you?  It means when you call to ask a technical question, we can answer them.  We love what we do and take extreme pride in "doing it right".  

Vanderhall Front Dual-color DRL and Turn Signals


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