For years we've searched for a smoked license plate cover for motorcycles and could not find one.  Something about a cover that just makes a license plate look finished and clean looking.  It protects and keeps your plate looking clean and overall just looks sharp.


This plate cover has been a huge seller in the metric world and we recently made another large rerun, get yours while it last!


When we started working with our manufacturer to develop a simple, clean looking cover and use a slight tint that is not too dark so it does not take away from your plates visibility.  After 8 rounds of prototypes we found the perfect balance between subtle and just the right classy look worthy of any motorcycle, Spyder, Slingshot or Vanderhall!


The concave design envelopes your license plate cleanly from the back side and the two top mounting bolts keeps the rest of the plate cover looking clean.


Try a set or buy multiples for your rides.

Smoked license plate cover for motorcycles


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