**DOES NOT FIT 2019 MODELS***F3/F3-T and RT ONLY***

Bundle 1 includes:

1 pair front amber LED w/ reflector.

1 pair front red LED (facing rear) w/ reflector.

1 pair side saddlebag red LED w/ reflector (triangle shape)


Now with our new sequential front fender LEDs!  the only one in the market with this feature and relfector like OEM.


Our safety bundle is hands down the best and most popular item for any Spyder owner looking for safety and visibility. They are made just like the OEM safety reflectors and the benefits of bright LED's. There are others out there that have led's but none have the safety reflectors like ours. By DOT standards, reflectors must be on and especially beneficial at night when your vehicle is off. It is the only reflective properties it has to tell other motorist there is a parked vehicle. Why change into something that takes away from the already existing safety features from factory. Take the photo test next time you see one, take a picture with your flash and see if it glows. The glow means it has safety reflectors and none of them have this feature except for TricLED.

The rear fender also gets a makeover with our unique diamond reflector and safety LED's. This is no ordinary LED, It is unique to TricLED. Twice brighter than any others and glows evenly with no hot spots. It really glows and looks like a diamond reflection. No other product in the marketplace gives you this type of safety and look.

It comes with all the necessary connectors and a detailed step by step instructions in full color.  All of our fender lights have plug in connectors for easy connections thats easy to follow.  See what males ours lights the best in the industry!

Safety Bundle #1 (2013-2018 only)

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