Introducing the new Ryker front fender LEDs are finally here.  Unlike anything you've seen before these custom LED's are an exact OEM fit, with reflector just like factory.  These are no ordinary dot by dot LED's, our leds are custom made with solid line glow look and the brightest in the industry unrivaled by traditional LED's. 

The best feature is, we integrated a sequential flasher built right into the amber light and a custom made harness to make this a true plug n play.  No wires to cut or splice, no wires running out of the fender.  Simply plug it in and turn on.  All wiring is kept neat and discreet within the fender pocket space.  Our installation process makes it easy to replace the factory non functional plastic to a stunning glow with added safety features for maximum visibility while riding and also add that amazing wow factor TricLED is known for!


Want more?  Add the red reflector to make it a combo!  See pictures above and video to see the amber and red work together as a duo.


We went one step furthur by adding a matching rear red style reflector to replace the factory sticker.  This new reflector is contoured specifically to the Ryker's fender curvature.   The red LED integrates into the turn signal flasher and works simultaneously when you turn on your turn signal giving it added visibility from the rear.  When you add on the red you simply plug in the supplied 1:2 splitter to the amber LED and that is all that is needed for installation.


Add red Reflector $99.95/pair

Ryker Front Fender LED w/ sequential turn signal

$149.95 Regular Price
$134.96Sale Price
Add rear red reflector LED's.. 1 Pair

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