Introducing Powersports Performance Alloys.  These 15" wheels are custom made for your 15" Can am Spyder wheels as a direct replacement to factory OEM.  With it's aggressive styling in black with machined front or the all chrome it will sure make your Spyder stand out from the crowd.  These new machined aluminum wheels are also 1/2" wider which will allow a one size bigger width at 175/55/15 tire available at tire rack or most retail center.  Using this size tires allows for more options vs the 1 to 2 available for our 165/55/15 OEM tire.  The new wheels and tires gives a more aggressive look and performance.  The new spline drive with rotating collar protects the wheels finish and comes with a 21mm spline drive tool for easy install and removal.

Tires not included, new recommended size 175/55/15

Free shipping anywhere in the CON USA, a $50 value.

15" PPA Performance alloy wheels

Step 1) Choose your spline lug nuts:
Step 2) Choose your wheel style:
  • Each PPA wheels go through a battery of test to ensure quality and performance.
    These include:

    Finite Element Analysis
    Raw Aluminum Test
    Metal Spectrum Analysis
    Coordinate Measuring
    Wheel Impact Test
    Wheel Radial Fatigue Test
    Air Leak Test
    X-Ray Test
    Vibration Test
    High Speed Rotation Test
    Corrosion Resistance Test
    Chemical Resistance Test
    Accelerated Weather Test
    Paint Adhesion Test
    Flying Stone Resistance Test
    Paint Hardness Test
    Cap Thermal Cycle Test

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