This RGB multi-color underground kit will make your Spyder look like it's floating.  We specifically made this kit to fit the Spyder with each piece custom length.  With only 4 pcs it lights the ground evenly and is easily expandable.  The LED kit is a plug and play system, no color matching like other kits.   A small 2" x .25" thin controller box is truly revolutionary when it comes to size and efficiency and a flat surface membrane remote is small about the size of stick of gum.  The remote and controller box weighs in at a mere 1oz!  The kit is specifically made for all Roadsters and its simply a plug and play with quick connects. 

To add additional lighting you simply plug into the existing kit without having to rerun all your wiring. Contact us for additional custom pieces for your creative side! The system makes just about every color you can imagine. Adjustable patterns, colors, speed, brightness and super cool strobe effects that is a sight to see.

Multicolor kit comes with 4 specific lengths made especially for your roadsters.
Front spoiler, center frame and 2 rear sections.

Comes complete including extensions and a multi-function remote. Select individual colors or allow multi color show, change speeds and different programs for amazing effects.

Add the additional special CNC machined Glo Hubs for front wheel glow which also includes additional strip for the upper suspension arms. Special Glo Hubs requires no cumbersome battery to change and helps protect the front hub bearings from dirt and water. Installs using factory fender mounts. Installs quickly with 2 bolts and LED strip with quick connect to your existing system.

Multicolor underground Halo kit with remote

  • RGB multi-color halo

    underground effects kit

    LED kit + remote + extensions

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