Polaris Slingshot Chaser LED Wheel Light Kit with Brake & Turn Signal Integration.


PLEASE NOTE (Fits only 18" wheels and up from 2015+.  Will not fit base model 17" wheels)

After more than a year in development and R&D we're excited to introduce the all new Patent Pending Chaser LED Wheel Light Kit for the Polaris Slingshot. Unlike other wheel light kits on the market that are flimsy and fall apart and rgb's with plain open wires leaving the user to figure out what to do next,  we've figured all this out for you! These rings are made using the latest 4D machines, laser cut, computer bent and only 1 weld to complete the loop.  Finsihed in black powder coat, it is sheer perfection.  Designed specifically for the Slingshot these are a simple bolt on application.  The only one with specific length LED's encased in a patended smoke black tube, special one piece wire mesh loom harness was developed to ensure maximum durablity and discreet look to be seamless with your Slingshot.  


Each wheel light kit includes (3) Laser cut black wheel rings, (9) specially designed and length smoked tube chaser LED Strips for a brilliant display of light (3 per wheel). They are also very discreet being in the smoked tube and the black ring finish.  Clean, sleek and functional.   A totally new designed chaser module box that lets you expand your wheel lights to add on both front chaser halo rings and the chaser underglow kit, 1 RF Remote control with over 40 functions, speed control and demo modes, all necessary plug and play wiring extensions that are specifically length so only 1 wire from wheel ring to module and all loom in a special wire mesh for a high quality look and finish.  We've also added safety integration with our rear red strobe brake light and sequential front turn signal integration all built into the module.  A special OEM plug and play harness is included for the rear brake function and no open wires like all the others out there where you have to figure out what to do next.  We've made it simple to get the absolute best look and safety integration.


You'll have the ability to cycle through dozens of light variations and control both speed with forward and reverse sequence all from the included RF remote control. We've even built in a learning button feature also where you can purchase additional remotes and program them easily to the new module box.  Each module has a unique frequency so no two are alike.  


Safety integration when you apply the brake pedal the rear wheel flashes a red strobe and illuminate solid red even if the wheel light show is not in use. When using your turn signal... the corresponding wheel light strips with illuminate amber and displays a sequential light ring letting other motorists know your intentions. If you use either the brake light or turn signal features when the wheel lights are in a chasing light sequence, the light show will temporarily interrupt that wheels light show for either the turn signal or brake light functionality.


This kit has been fine tuned to work with all of the add ons seamlesly.  Pulling minimum amperage and up to a third less draw compared to other generic systems.  Having an RF remote allows for easy instant access to functions without having to fumble around with pairing and apps.  Future add ons are in the works and our modules are already built in for future expansion.  No other module or chaser system in the marketplace can even compare in function or ease and backed by the best warranty on the business!

Chaser LED Wheel Light Kit with Brake & Turn Signal Integratio

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