***NEW Model 2.0***

Theres been many TPMS system but the FOBO system is a must for all riders in my opinion. I've used them in my 2 wheel bikes, Spyder, side by side UTV cars etc... Honestly I know I don't always check them before each ride but with this you can simply turn on the app and within seconds know if you are good to go. Having the right tire pressure means your vehicle will handle properly, increase tire life and could also help save your life! When you receive the box you'll want to download the app first to your phone. Open your app and register your email. You will the receive a confirmation via email and your ready to begin. Check the tire pressure on your vehicle and top them them off to factory specs. Insert and tighten the locknut. Now open your app and follow the on screen prompt and install each FOBO as instructed. It does;t get any easier to install. If you tow a trailer you can purchase 2 optional FOBO kit and monitor those also while your on the go. Ride safe and keep your tires properly inflated for maximum safety.

FOBO 2.0 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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