Many of us carry a small battery jumper port but lets face it to jump our Spyder is a PITA!  If your an RT owner means you have to unload your entire front trunk, unzip the liner, peel it back off the back wall, unscrew the two bolts that cover the battery and finally get to the battery.  But wait, most jumper ports have jaws that are so big they don't fit on the actual terminal of the battery!  Now you've got to call somebody to start your bike while you ache bending over in an awkward position to get a good connection.  

If your in an F3 series Spyder, you'll have to open the trunk, remove the Servie access cover, remove the 4 push pins tabs but luckily you might not have to unload the entire trunk tub to remove it. Again you have big jumper cables that will not fit the skinny terminals of the battery.

Well NO MORE of the above steps when you have our latest jumper ports specifically for our Spyders. We've sold thousands of these similar kits for the Slingshot market due to the same cumbersome set-up and now if that dreadful moment happens you'll be ready to go in literally 2 minutes! Simply pull off the protective positive cover and connect your ground right there to the frame and crank your spyder! It literally cannot get any easier!

We've custom designed a 6 Ga wire 100% copper to feed the battery at full capacity and not overload or create any heat resistance. Pure USA copper and a custom machined brass battery lug means no manual crimping to ever get loose. Terminal is literally fused together for a permananet connection. This wire terminal is connected to a brass lug that mounts directly on the plastic A arm. One bolt is all you will install and a protective cover keep all water and debris out of the way. New adjustable battery bolt terminal is also provided in-case you have lots of accessories to your terminal, this will ensure the terminal from the port will fit into every battery terminal with no issues.

Another TricLED original product.

Battery jumper port for all Spyder 2013+

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