2017-2019 Canada Headlight Conversion Kits 

For the 2017-2019 model years, the canadian version modification is not simple as previous years of 2015-2016. Polaris changed the OEM bracket and modified the plastic headlight shrouds to prevent you from making one of the coolest and, most functional / safe mods around. However, they left all of the factory wiring and plugs in place.

TricLED camoe out with the easiest conversion kit:

1) We designed a brilliant laser cut, CNC bent and powder-coated bracket to hold the headlight housings in the OEM position.
2) We offer the identical headlight housings that come on the OEM Canadian Slingshots.
3) We found an exclusive source for the Polaris OEM Plastic Headlight shrouds for the 2015 Slingshots that have the DUAL headlight openings required for the conversion.

The cost for the entire conversion is $375.00 which includes
2 Polaris OEM headlight housings with installed H3 halogen bulb and T10 accessory bulb 

2 Polaris OEM headlight plastic shrouds.

2 custom brackets made for TricLED, powder-coated black to mimic factory install.

Installation normally takes only 1 hour with simple tools required. 

2017, 2018, 2019 Canada Headlight Conversion Kit




    Add our famous LED headlight to this package and receive a discount from $10 - $30!!!

    ****NOTE - Halo rings shown are not included but all available from TricLED.com

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